The Day Our Lives Changed Forever

Have you ever stared at a blank page,  while thinking about a million things, waiting for your fingers to press the buttons on your keyboard to type them all out but absolutely nothing happens…. well, I did.

I had a total writer’s block, no motivation or inspiration to come up with another post although I have so much to say. I don’t know what it was but the words didn’t seem to flow on paper as they did in my mind, which is weird because it usually is the other way around for me. I’m bad at expressing myself verbally but I’ll write you a ten page paper if you’d ask me to. But I feel like I owe everyone following my story an update and I promise I will try to be better about keeping up this blog in the future.

So, where to start? As you know we had our frozen embryo transfer on January 12, 2017. We had no idea what the outcome would be and let me tell you, this day has changed our lives forever. We transferred two of our beautifully thawed, high-grade embryos in hopes for one or both to make themselves cozy inside of my womb for the next 8 months. And I’m happy to be able to say that I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant with not only one, but two babies!


Words cannot even express the happiness I feel! Looking back at when I was first diagnosed with infertility almost 10 years ago, I never thought I’d be able to say these words and get to this point! It was such a long and painful road and I giving it all to Him was the best decision I have ever made, and I praise the Lord for leading us through it all and answering our every prayer! He definitely has blessed us with so much more than we asked for or deserve. My husband and I lost two babies in 2015 and God has blessed us to be the parents of two new babies growing inside of me. How about that!

We’re still not out of the woods yet, but so far things are looking good. We have graduated from the infertility clinic after my last blood test, which was at about 7 weeks and are now seen at our regular OB, who also happens to be my RE from the clinic. I am super happy with the decision to stay with him and that he’s been with us from the beginning. We go in for an ultrasound every week up until birth. It’s a little different than a normal pregnancy would be handled but I have nothing to complain about and am enjoying the fact that I am in really great hands and that I get to see how my babies are growing every week.

I’ve been having spotting/bleeding off and on in all sorts of variation since the 5th pregnancy week.  Our doc says it’s nothing to worry about and fairly common in twin and IVF pregnancies, but honestly, it is still very scary whenever it happens. Some days there is nothing, some days it’s really light and some other days it comes gushing out (sorry for TMI). Oh and morning sickness has been really bad for me since week 6. (I will get into more details and symptoms in another post.) But let me not complain, after all I am blessed to experience God’s (and science’s) beautiful creation of life within me.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the process of our embryo transfer. Everything actually went really smooth. I’ve heard many stories of people having a rather rough transfer due to several things that were happening. Some had problems with the ultrasound, others had problems with getting the catheter in, some even had to take Valium as it was too painful, and some having to endure the whole procedure while having a full bladder and much more. But, ours seemed to have been cake. Thank you, Jesus! I’m so thankful it wasn’t a terrible experience.

During the procedure, we were in a tiny room with a window that was connected to the lab. I must say I felt relatively calm considering the fact that I was so nervous the night prior and barely could sleep. Before we got started, our nurse asked me if I needed to use the restroom, which was a surprising question for me as I expected to have to have a full bladder. She mentioned that it is not necessary because doctor wouldn’t be using an ultrasound for guidance and prefers it that way. I felt relieved and of course took advantage.  Having to hold a full bladder is never pleasant in first place, now imagine someone also performing an ultrasound and inserting a catheter at the same time. Umm, no thank you.

Anyways, our RE first started off with a quick uterine wash. I heard many women say that it is really uncomfortable but I actually didn’t feel anything besides the pressure from the speculum. Those I can never get used to, I think. Once he was done with the wash, he took a quick glance at our chart to review his notes. He already took note of where he will be placing the embryos during my laparoscopy last September. He’s been doing his job for so long and is, according to the reviews and recommendations as well as our own experience now, the best at it. I was definitely amazed by his skills and am positively surprised, over and over.


It was time to transfer our embabies. My RE gently inserted a catheter and I felt a short cramp as it was going in. He mentioned this is perfect because now he knows it’s in the right place. Our nurse knocked on the lab window and requested “two embryos for D.” A few moments later our embryologist walked in. She asked me a few questions to verify my identity, handed my RE our embabies who then pumped them through the catheter into my uterus. They counted til 20 and said “all good.”  Our embryologist walked back to the lab to double check that no embryo was left and gave us the thumbs up.

Wow, this was it? That was so fast! We are pregnant! I couldn’t believe it, everything just seemed so, so surreal.

I was instructed to lay down for about 30 more minutes. So here we were, all smiles and hopeful for our embabies to snuggle in. Once the resting time was up our nurse came by and went over questions and instructions with us and we were free to go. I was able to use the restroom right away. Even though I went prior the procedure I had to go again. Now imagine I would have had to have a full bladder. Outch! Anyways, enough bladder talk.

We went back home and I went straight to the couch. I was instructed to be on bed rest the first day and house rest and movement in moderation for the next 3 days. Caffeine is also a big no-no (per doc) and luckily I stopped drinking any already a while ago. I was really worried about messing things up so I followed the instructions given and was a bum for pretty much the next 4 days. At first I was so bored, I think it also had to do with being told to stay put, but after a little bit I realized that it was actually a really nice break. So I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Processed with Snapseed.
I tried not to symptom spot during the two week wait because it is known that many of the possible “symptoms” could also be side effects from the progesterone injections. I had some twinges here and there, was very bloated and constipated, very hungry  to the point where I could eat every two hours, had (and still have) so much heartburn along with the feeling of my dear Aunt Flow showing up. I also couldn’t ignore the absolute exhaustion around day 2.

I went in for two chemical pregnancy blood tests at 10 and 12 days after transfer. We ended up not receiving the results until afternoon of the second test, as they didn’t process the first beta until the second one was drawn. Now let me tell you, the suspense was absolutely killing me and, to tell you a secret, I couldn’t help and tested before our official test was due. I started at 4dp5dt where we got the faintest squinter and continued to test up until Beta day. Yes, I know it’s crazy but trust me, I needed to see the line progress. I needed to feel somewhat like this was truly working out for us. It helped me to get through the two week wait with a little less fear, even though it’s still scary. After thinking for so long that I’ll never be able to conceive and after losing two of our babies, it was just hard to believe that our cycle is successful. But it’s real, we’re pregnant and let me tell you, it’s the most amazing feeling to know that there is three hearts beating within me and seeing my belly grow by the day! We can’t wait to meet our two little love bugs, 6 more months to go.Processed with Snapseed.


Beta Results

Beta 1:  706

Beta 2:  1,442

Beta 3:  45,852

Medication Protocol

Baby Aspirin – once a day
Duricef – twice daily for 4 days starting night before transfer
Diclegis – one tablet twice a day for nausea (started at 7 weeks)
Estradiol – 2mg pill three times a day. Stopped at 10 weeks
PIO intramuscular – 2ml once day in the am / twice a day at 5 weeks for a few days
Prenatals – daily


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