Who doesn’t like Frosties?

If you think I’m talking about cereal or the kind of frosties they sell at Wendy’s, you are wrong. I mean, I’m a sucker for ice cream and cereal but when I talk about frosties I am actually referring to our frozen embabies. Our fresh embryo transfer was cancelled as I was at risk for developing ovarian hyperstymulation syndrome (OHSS). I’m still in shock that we were able to get that many eggs (29), and that no one expected it! For anyone who doesn’t know what OHSS is: it is a medical condition that is caused by stimulation medicine, which causes your ovaries to become swollen and painful due to fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity. Symptoms can range from abdominal pain, rapid weight gain, decreased urination, shortness of breath, bloating and enlarged abdomen, and dizziness to nausea etc. Now I’m not a doctor, these are just the things I have read and my clinic has told me to watch out for.

I think what saved me from developing OHSS was that I tend to eat a healthy diet (organic, higher in protein and lower  in carbs) and I tried to stay as hydrated as I can be while stimming up until post egg retrieval. I was drinking electrolytes like there is no tomorrow and bought protein powder as well to mix up two servings per day. It’s not proven that this can help prevent OHSS but I like to think that anyways 😉

After egg retrieval it took me a few days to feel pretty normal again. It was painful if I took a wrong step or sat down in a too fast motion. I was really bloated and also really, really tired. I could sleep all day, only getting up to use the restroom. And eat. I was so hungry. But then again, when am I not hungry?

The day after my retrieval one of the doctors at the clinic called me to let us know about the eggs we were able to fertilize through ICSI, and to let us know that we can’t do a fresh transfer. img_8336She was amazed by the number of eggs we were able to get and how many of them were mature and could be fertilized. She said “you are a superstar! Definitely a overachiever!” It gave me a good laugh. She mentioned we would have to wait six days to find out how many of the fertilized eggs made it to blastocyst stage (day 5) and then freezing. So out of the 29 eggs, 24 were mature, and 19 could be fertilized.

Our nurse called me with the results on the sixth day and seemed really happy about it. She mentioned that 8 made it to blastocyst stage on Tuesday  (day 5) and another one made it the next day (day 6). So we have 9 frosties in total. We are so blessed!

Our frozen embryo transfer (FET) is planned for January 2017. No exact b9cd52a0d933e3d2d640817d8d59cbe2.jpgdate yet but once my period starts this month, we can already start working out the schedule. I stopped with the progesterone shots and only had to continue the antibiotic. I will also have to be put back on birth control for the two months but for a frozen transfer there will be much less medication and doctor’s visits. I guess this two month break is going to be good for my body to recover a bit. I don’t want to attempt anything while not being in a good and healthy state. I was a little disappointed that we do have to wait and trust me, I know I shouldn’t be but as I mentioned before, patience is really not my strong suit. I guess this is definitely a lesson God is teaching me right now.

It is now one week post egg retrieval and I’m feeling much better but let me tell you, I can’t believe how bloated I was! I guess taking all these stims, having food poisoning up until retrieval and not being able to use the restroom for a few days afterwards caused all of this. If I can give you any advice, take some laxatives starting the day after your retrieval so this does not happen to you! I looked liked I am 5 months pregnant this entire week following retrieval. I was unable to wear pants, as my stomach was so huge. Good thing I live in a state where it’s warm and sunny almost every day. I mean, I usually wear dresses to work anyways. But even through the dresses you could see my big belly.

Processed with Snapseed.

It has started to become really uncomfortable because I noticed my coworkers and people in general started starring at my stomach. They’re probably thinking I’m pregnant. But I mean it does not matter.

If all this works out then I will hopefully have a real belly soon 🙂


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