Shots, Bugs and Tears

It was Tuesday, October 11th and img_8366I had my last appointment before egg retrieval. Last ultrasound and last blood draw until beta, yay! My arms already have track marks on them. I was really looking forward to a break from getting poked!

The last few days of stimming I was still on the same protocol and they seemed to go by quite good. Except Sunday. I just had a REALLY bad day.

We had our appointment in the morning on Sunday, and it was good. Doc decided that day that it is time for the morning injections to start. I was put on Cetrotide which is a medication that prevents you from ovulating. The nurse sat us down in the office and explained the medication real quick, mixed it up and handed it to my husband. Ehm, we have to do this now?! I was so not prepared. img_8341I mean, not that you can really be prepared, but… I just didn’t expect it. I felt under pressure because we were at the clinic and not at home but maybe that’s why I let my husband do it without much hesitation, which is a good thing I guess. The injection wasn’t too bad but it did have a sting to it and shortly after it started itching around the injection site for a bit. The nurse came back into the room and handed us another dose of Cetrotide as well as another dose of Menopur for the next day. We were supposed to come back again then too and find out whether or not it is time for trigger and egg retrieval on Wednesday.

On the way home we decided to get some food. The place we went to had almost an hour waiting time, but oh well. We really wanted to eat there so we waited. As time passed I started feeling a slight headache come on accompanied by lightheadedness. I thought it might be because we didn’t eat yet. By the time we sat down and received our food, my stomach started hurting and I felt nauseous. I ate about less than half of my plate and just couldn’t anymore. When we got home I went straight to bed. I kept thinking this must have been some side effects from the medication and maybe I can sleep it off. I think I was in bed for 4 hours. It was a bunch of tossing and turning, and my headache and stomach ache just kept getting worse. I now started to get some muscle aches as well. Oh and chills, sweats and fever. A solid 101.0! I was just miserable and laid around pretty much all day. My husband was sweet and ran me a bath so I can relax a bit. I know, fever and hot bath doesn’t jive, but it did help a little, my fever actually went down too but I still felt pretty bad. I had some chicken noodle soup that night, it did comfort me and my headache seemed to slowly subside.

When it was time for pm injections I was just not up to it. I knew I had to do it but because of how bad I felt all day it just didn’t vibe. My husband prepared everything and despite me feeling the way I did, I let him inject me with the Menopur pretty fast. I just wanted to get it over with and I started feeling bad for my husband always having to have so much patience with me. My stomach was already hurting, I couldn’t even sit up straight, the injection hurt as well and oh it burned!

Before he could give me the next shot I just broke down in tears. I don’t even know why. I just felt crappy, sick and was so over all of what we were putting my body through. It was a total “I want to give up so bad” moment. Gosh, I’m so glad and thankful for my husband. 7eb7518400b814b573e3d6cf8ba5cd94.jpgA hug and his comforting words made it all better. I let him give me the second shot and I didn’t even feel it. I went back to bed afterwards. I was just done with the day. Part of me already knew that most likely I wouldn’t be coming in to work the next day, so I let my boss know already. Good thing I did. 

I didn’t sleep well that night. Still a lot of tossing and turning and I kept on thinking about the next morning injection and was just so afraid that I was going to feel sick from it again. When I got up in the morning my stomach was still hurting. It felt as if I had a giant rock in it. I wish I could have crawled back in bed but I had to get ready for my doctor’s appointment. My husband was off for Columbus day so he was able to come along.

Appointment went by quick as usual. Doc said we were not quite ready yet to trigger and to come back the next day again. I was told to still stim another night and the nurse gave us another refill of Cetrotide for the morning. My follicles were all in between 16mm – 19mm now. I also told the doc that I felt pretty sick from the injection yesterday. He thought it was very odd but to let them know if I feel like that again as I have already taken my dose for the day before we left the house.

I was really tired all day and laid around most of it. I took another nap when I got home and this time I was out for 5+ hours. I actually had to force myself to get up. I still felt pretty bad, and when I went to use the restroom it came to me. This was not from the medicine. I must have had a stomach bug. This must be food poisoning! But from where? It couldn’t have been from Sunday morning as my symptoms already started before we ate. It had to be from Saturday. I remembered I ate a lox bagel that day and nothing really after. I must have gotten sick from that! Ewww.. Why me?! Why now?! Never again!

I went back for my next appointment the next morning. I still felt bad and before I could even leave the house I had to use the restroom, twice! Hey, better that way than having to stop on the road, I guess… If you ever had food poisoning, you know how bad it can make you feel.

First thing my doctor asked was how I felt and if the meds still made me sick. I told him that I suspect it was food poisoning and the meds were fine today as well as yesterday. He felt bad so he made sure he was super quick with the ultrasound (even though he is always quick). My follies were all measuring in between 19mm – 20mm.img_8406 Perfect sizes, according to doc. I have also had some new ones show up on the right. So I have 10 on right and 6 on left. Hope that’s good numbers. We are ready to trigger tonight at 8:30 pm. It has to be done 36 hours before retrieval, which is set for Thursday. The nurse sat me in her office and gave me plenty instructions and a new schedule. She is always so sweet and really excited for my husband and I. She kept calling me her “little pumpkin”. I don’t know where that came from but it made me smile. She then drew a couple of circles for my husband’s reference on me (my butt) so he knows where the injections need to go. These shouldn’t be too bad as they are intra muscular shots. We learned how to administer them during the lesson a little while ago but refreshers are always good. I honestly already forgot about all the details with everything else going on.

I have to start with the progesterone oil on Thursday and take it daily. Progesterone is a hormone. It helps thicken and prepare the uterus lining for implantation of the embryo and is usually released by your ovaries. Since IVF puts you through so much medication they make your progesterone levels drop hence the injections to make up for the loss. Well, here I was thinking I’d be done with them needles! But it’s all for a great cause, right?img_8372
So here’s a little breakdown of the new meds I have received:

– Pregnyl (HCG Trigger)
– Duricef 500 mg 
– Progesterone 50mg (start after egg retrieval)
– Medrol 16mg (start night of egg retrieval)
– Estrace 2mg (start after transfer)

This was it. All good to go. One more night of stimming and no injections the day before egg retrieval!


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