It’s egg retrieval day! Surprisingly, I slept really good. Considering the fact that I’ve been dealing with the rest of that food poisoning I had. We had to be at the hospital by 6:30 am and procedure was scheduled for 8:30 am. I was anxious and ready to get this over with, but overall I was in great spirits.

This procedure had pretty much the same timeline as it was for my laparoscopy. Arrive, go to Admissions, go down to Surgi Center, wipe down, change, lay in bed and wait for the nurse. The nurse actually came by pretty quick. She started my IV, went over my medical history, the food poisoning I had and had me fill out some consent forms. The anesthesiologist already walked in while she was still fixing my IV. It was a different gentleman than the last time. He spoke fairly slow and very clear. Anyone who read my previous post knows what I am talking about. I signed another consent form and off he went.img_8383

When the doctor came by to check in with us he mentioned that they are hoping to get at least 60% – 70% of the follicles with eggs (last scan showed that I have 10 on the right and 6 on the left). I was a little worried and was hoping and praying about a good quantity and quality of eggs. For some reason I kept thinking that we were only going to get five. But that’s better than none, right? In the end it only takes one. Doctor also reminded my husband of his appointment at 9:30 for his semen collection. They need the sperm to be ready once they have retrieved the eggs so they can fertilize them then.

The OR nurse came by shortly after doctor left. It was the same nurse from last time. I remembered her clearly as the “nice” nurse. Well, I’m being sarcastic. Anyways, she seemed to be in really good spirits and was very nice to me. In a good way. She was telling me to not worry and that they will take good care of me and was even joking around while pushing my bed to the OR. I don’t think she remembered me from last time. I mean, as many people as they see that is no surprise. I felt bad. I thought about the things I thought about her the last time and immediately had to ask God for forgiveness. She must have had a bad day. I mean, we all have those and I guess we all deal differently with them. It’s no excuse to be rude to another person but maybe I should have put myself in her shoes before judging right away. We can’t change people or their behavior but we can certainly change ours.

Once in the OR, I heard the anesthesiologist say, “Alright, let’s get some eggs!” Without thinking about it I said, “Fried with a side of bacon, please.” Everyone started laughing. I couldn’t help it, sometimes I just say things without thinking about it. My husband and I always joke around with another. It just comes natural, I guess… oops!

A few seconds later, I already passed out. When I awoke in the recovery room I felt terrible. I felt like I was run over by a truck and was in such excruciating pain. My stomach was just cramping so badly, I was on the verge of crying. I just kept thinking ‘Jesus, please take this pain away!’ The nurse gave me some Fentanyl but it really didn’t do anything to me. I remember him keep tapping my shoulder, telling me “Hey, breathe.” Not sure what happened but I’m glad he kept an eye on me. Since the medication didn’t do anything to better the pain, he now gave me a dose of Morphine. I don’t remember ever having gotten Morphine but let me tell you it did its job. I still felt in pain but much better than before. I stayed in recovery for another hour, as the Surgi Center didn’t have any rooms available.img_8412

When there was finally a room that opened up, they wheeled me back over to the Surgi Center. My husband was waiting in the hallway and as usual, seeing him completely brightened up my spirits. When we got to the room he said, “Well, I got some news for you.” If he wouldn’t have smiled I would of thought it was bad. He said he spoke to the doctor and asked him if everything was good. The doctor’s response was “Things are not good. They are great. We have retrieved 29 eggs!” Wait, what? 29?! I thought there were only 16 follicles! Apparently, there were some more and smaller ones hiding behind the ones we could see on the ultrasound. Wow, I was in shock! Excited, but in shock! Praise the Lord!

I heard mixed things about retrieving so many eggs. Some people say it’s bad because it can lead to OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), which would cause for the transfer to be postponed so your body can heal up first. But then I also heard that your chances for success are greater with a higher number of eggs, especially when you are a young candidate. I guess we will see what the doctor says tomorrow. Then, we will also find out how many were mature and how many we were able to fertilize. Until then I will have to hydrate, take it easy and pray about it.

When I got home I felt dizzy, a little nauseous and tired. I had a small bowl of rice soup I made the day before and then it was already time for the progesterone shot. Meh, really didn’t feel like it but it had to be done. I laid in bed on my side, as I figured it would be better that way since I wasn’t feeling too well. I pulled up some funny video on YouTube to distract myself while hubby was injecting. Before I knew it he was already done. I didn’t even feel the needle or the oil going in at all! I was told to heat up the oil (in your hand, never in the microwave lol) before injecting it, as it is thick and would take a bit longer to inject but we completely forgot to do that. I guess it doesn’t really matter as we live in a warm climate and maybe that did its job already.

I still feel nauseous, sleepy and my stomach is still bloated and crampy. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be better. We will find out then when the embryo transfer will be. Either 3 day transfer, which will be this Sunday; or 5 day transfer, which will be on Tuesday.

Almost there! 🙂 




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