Who doesn’t like Frosties?

If you think I'm talking about cereal or the kind of frosties they sell at Wendy's, you are wrong. I mean, I'm a sucker for ice cream and cereal but when I talk about frosties I am actually referring to our frozen embabies. Our fresh embryo transfer was cancelled as I was at risk for developing ovarian … Continue reading Who doesn’t like Frosties?



It’s egg retrieval day! Surprisingly, I slept really good. Considering the fact that I’ve been dealing with the rest of that food poisoning I had. We had to be at the hospital by 6:30 am and procedure was scheduled for 8:30 am. I was anxious and ready to get this over with, but overall I … Continue reading Egg-stravaganza

Shots, Bugs and Tears

It was Tuesday, October 11th and I had my last appointment before egg retrieval. Last ultrasound and last blood draw until beta, yay! My arms already have track marks on them. I was really looking forward to a break from getting poked! The last few days of stimming I was still on the same protocol and … Continue reading Shots, Bugs and Tears

Bruises and lack of Snoozes

Have you ever anticipated something so eagerly while also fearing the day of it happening? If not, then you must not be going through IVF or any medical treatment that involves needles which you are afraid of, like me. It's Friday, Cycle Day 2 and stim day #1 has finally arrived! It's been a rather … Continue reading Bruises and lack of Snoozes

Long Road to Baseline

The title sounds like a strange movie, but once you have read the first paragraph you will understand why. I live in a city which is on the top 10 list for worst traffic in the nation. It's not L.A., neither New York nor San Francisco; I live in Honolulu.  Who would have thought that … Continue reading Long Road to Baseline