Just another surgery

Surgery day is here. We had to report to admissions at 5:30 am. By the time we arrived everything was quickly taken care of. I had already done my blood work, checked in and signed all necessary paperwork the day before so all I had to do this morning was check in. 

Five minutes later one of the admission staff came to take us down to the surgery center.
I was instructed to use antiseptic wipes to wipe down my whole body, then change into the gown and lay in bed. For a second, I had some bad flashbacks to a year ago and the first time I had to go through this whole procedure. To be exact, I experienced my first pregnancy loss last year around the same time. – Thanks FB for the “a year ago” reminder! Not a fond memory but I’m trying to keep hope and the positive goal ahead in my mind.

A few minutes passed and the nurse walked in. She quickly went over my medical history, handed me consent forms to sign and brought me some super fancy huge grandma panties to wear (the joys of having your monthly visitor!), and as she was starting my IV the anesthesiologist already walked in. He was a nice older asian gentleman with a veeeery heavy accent. Not to sound mean, but if I wouldn’t have went through this before I would have had a slightly hard time to understand what he was saying. I had to try not to laugh or look at my husband so he wouldn’t make me laugh, as I kept thinking of some type of bad comedy scene. Anyways, once doctor was done, he handed me the next batch of consent forms to sign and so the waiting continued.

At about 6:30 am the OR nurse came into the room. She was speaking so fast I could barely follow. By the time my husband and I realized that this was it, she already pushed my bed down the hall towards the OR, telling my husband to lock up my stuff. Poor hubby seemed thrown off too, trying to find another nurse to hand my belongings to, to lock up. Our friendly, happy OR nurse kept saying “Hurry and give her a smooch.” Geez, talk about being rushed! Not the best feeling right before you know you’re going under. 

The anesthesiologist’s assistant was still trying to open the left side of the OR doors as she was yelling at him to hurry and open the doors. He was taking his time, just giving her a slight smirk and mocked her by literally “standing at attention”. I do have to admit, it was a short funny moment that made me giggle. As she pushed me into the OR the assistant looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry!” Hey, no worries, we’re not responsible for other people’s actions. It’s cool. I kind of felt relieved to not have enough time to think about it any further because as soon as I found myself transferred onto the OR table, I was already passing out.

My throat felt soar and dry, my stomach felt like a ton of bricks fell on it, my head was pounding and I felt super cloudy. I could barely keep my eyes open. “How are you feeling? Any pain?” the nurse was asking. ‘Umm hello, of course I’m in pain,’ I’m thinking. But how would she know.. She gave me some pain medicine and a few minutes later they started working. At this point, I don’t know what I was happy about more, the pain meds or the cup of ice chips she handed to me and I finished in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, I was thirsty.. very thirsty. 

Out of nowhere, I started feeling this itch all over my body. And it’s not like I could scratch any of it. Torture, please.. what else do I have to put up with today?! Apparently, it was an allergic reaction to the pain medication. I was trying to distract myself and caught myself dozing off into some small nap moments here and there. I was exhausted and just wanted to go home. I kept staring at the clock and screen that showed all current and upcoming surgeries. My doctor’s name was all over the screen and at first I thought maybe it’s double vision because I seemed still high on medication, but it turned out my doctor was a busy bee that morning. I was patient number one, with 4 others following. And mind you, it was barely 8:00 am. 

My doctor happened to pass by me on the way to his next surgery. He gave me a big smile and thumbs up and said, “Everything is perfect now! Baby is on the way.” What a big relief those little words were. He quickly explained that they found and removed some endometriosis as well as a 2 cm big polyp. When he mentioned this procedure during our first appointment, I was really not looking forward to it. I mean, how many more scars can I collect on my belly; how many more times can you cut the same previous incision sites open; how many more times will I have to miss work and put myself through this?! However, in the end, I am glad that I did it. 

The nurse came back and told me they were going to bring me from the recovery room back to the surgery center to continue resting and recovering there. As she pushed me out in the hallway I saw my husband waiting, smiling at me. For a second everything seemed to stand still. Yep, amazing how I get to experience little moments of happiness in the less fortunate times. As I continued recovering, he was right by my side, comforting me and making sure everything is ok with me. All I could think of was, how blessed I am by the good Lord for bringing my husband and I together. 

The CNA came by to check my vitals and a new nurse came to check on me as well. I didn’t care much for her, she seemed grouchy and as if she wanted to rush me to get out. I guess that was the theme of the day! She sent my husband to pick up my medication from the pharmacy, asked how I was feeling and told me, that while my husband is at the pharmacy I could get dressed and then go home once I could go use the restroom (and that I have to be accompanied to do so). 

Hello lady, I can barely keep my eyes open. I think I need a little bit longer. She left the room and returned a few minutes later. “Can you go use the restroom yet?” she said. “No ma’am.” She went to check my IV fluids and turned up the flow. Good grief, so here I am with my bladder now filling up quickly forcing me to go to the restroom. I get it, you want me to go pee, but why pressure and rush me so much!? 

When I really couldn’t hold it anymore, a nursing student finally came by. I explained what was going on but he seemed to be confused, not knowing what to do. So he went to ask a nurse, came back and told me I can go, then turned around and was about to walk off. “Excuse me, I was told I can not go by myself. Also, my IV…..” “Oh yes, sorry. Let me fix that.” and he handed me my IV bag. “My gown, it’s untied.” I said. He seemed to have ignored that so I started walking with IV bag in one hand and holding my gown together with the other. I think I must of looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Once I got to the restroom, he took the bag from me and hung it next to the toilet, walked out, mentioned to not flush and closed the door. He didn’t even bother to cover the seat for me. I’m a germ-o-phobe! Need I say more? *Roll my eyes

It was quite painful to empty my bladder but then again it felt so relieving and good! I’m sure anyone who ever held their pee for a while knows what I’m talking about. Once I laid back down in my bed the nurse came back and told me I should get dressed now and can go home since I was able to us the restroom. At this point I was really just biting my tongue and praying to Jesus to give me patience. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor..” I know! But I’m just human, a sinner like everyone else. When you are going through something so draining and have to deal with all these blows in such a fragile state, it is very trying to maintain your composure! A few moments passed and my husband finally returned. As much as I was upset about being rushed, I was actually relieved to finally be able to go home.

Surprisingly, I felt really hungry and first thing I was craving was a cup of coffee. So the first thing my husband did was getting me some breakfast and coffee before going home! Let me add to that that my breakfast lasted me over several days, and so did my coffee.

I fell asleep not too long after I laid in bed. I was happy that it was Friday and a three-day weekend and according to my doctor the recovery shouldn’t be too bad or long. I was prescribed motrin, tylenol with codeine, as well as an antibiotic. I didn’t mind taking the pain medication, however, the label for the antibiotic kind of scared me. But what choice did I really have?fullsizerender-1

I planned to return to work on Tuesday. Well, that didn’t happen. I was so weak and tired, and had to call in sick. Part of me felt bad but on the other hand I had to tell myself to not stress and take care of my health. I rested up (or so I thought) and returned to work the next day. I was absolutely miserable! It was a super busy day and by the end of it I had difficulties driving home without falling asleep or tuning out the pain I was in. When I came home, I told my husband I might want to pass on bible study that evening so I can get some rest. He understood but something in me changed my mind and I decided to go, and I am glad I did. It is so important to be spiritually fed, for me anyways, and it gave me strength in a different kind of way. 03c5e78092184d0fc12b4b556890be6bChurch seemed to pass by more swiftly than usual. But let me tell you, after all that, I was done. All I wanted was to lay down and sleep, for days. I decided to take the rest of the week to recover and I am glad I did.

Ladies, don’t push yourselves too hard. If you don’t feel good, rest up until you do. Everyone is different. Some people recover faster than others. Listen to your body. This whole process is, besides exciting, a very stressful time itself. Take the time you need in order to be ready for the next step.



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