Patience is a virtue

Our appointment schedule finally arrived in the mail. We have been [im]patiently waiting for it. Our nurse explained to us that she first had to submit everything to insurance in order to be able to create our schedule. It really seemed like we were waiting forever even though it was only a couple of weeks. I guess patience is not my strong suit (can you tell?) and I definitely need to work on that, especially with going through IVF, not even speaking of raising children. 🙂

After our initial consultation, I decided to give my work a heads up. There is just no way for me to be running back and forth to all these appointments and procedures without questions coming from my boss. Good thing about the ultrasounds and blood draws (almost daily once you start stimming) is that they are scheduled for early mornings. So hopefully I won’t be missing too much time at work.

Sadly, with IVF you can’t really pick and chose which days work out best for you. They go after your cycle and development of follicles, so of course they want to keep a close eye on you during stim days up to retrieval. Scans are starting on 09/29 up until 10/11 +/- and then retrieval day, yay! So far it is set for 10/12 and they are planning on a fresh transfer three or five days after retrieval.

Time is going by rather swiftly (even though it doesn’t feel like it!). Our first big appointment is coming up in just a week. My laparoscopy is scheduled for 09/02/16 and I have a pre-surgery appointment on 09/01/16. I’m starting to get anxious, I kind of feel all over the place lately anyways and I’ve been an emotional mess since I started taking birth control pills again. Wonder how bad this is gonna be once I am (hopefully!!) pregnant?

Well, we shall see I guess… So fingers crossed everything will go according to plan and let’s pray for no bad surprises.



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